AV Universal

AV Universal Company Provided Hotels, Colleges and Business Firms with Audio & Video Equipments

Washington, D.C. - AV Universal is the esteemed supplier of all the audio & video tools required by the hotels, colleges, schools, business firms or chaps for their events.

AV Universal has everything in store for you if you are planning to organize an event, it literally can provide for any type of event be it a college function, a school event, a business meeting, a conference, Or a family function, it has got the equipments, the themes and all the arrangements for each and every one of them. Not only this it also gives you the liberty to have a pre-check of all the instruments without any charges and you can get a no duty quotation plus 10% off on your array. Not only this, the <a href="http://avuniversal.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">AV Rental</a> facility allows you to have the instruments on rent. To have right kind of accessories for your events is a must and AV has expertise in providing this. The AV Universal is not only limited to the audio & video equipments, but it also provides quality lighting and stage arrangement services as well. The video equipment rental service provided by AV Universal is most trusted in Washington, D.C. The company provides for the Speaker Rental facility as well as microphones, i-pads for your presentations and conferences albeitmaking your presentations and conferences more enticing. You also get a price cut of 10% on renting our services. For booking our equipments, you have to pay 50% of the payment in advance and the rest unpaid 50%. If you are putting up in less than a week after advance 100% payment is requisite. The author strongly praises the services of the AV Universal in the field of acoustic listening. He has heaped praise on the quality of <a href="http://avuniversal.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">video equipment rental</a> Washington, D.C. facility as well as the speaker rental facility deeming it as the best service provider in the Washington, D.C. and North Viginia.

AV Universal

Washington, DC,
United States


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