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Get All the Best Rental Equipments with Latest Technology by AV

AV universal provides audio visual rental services with latest technology projects, serving in Washington DC and North Virginia.

Washington DC people are benefited, because either their personal small-big event or function or company meetings, conference or anything, they know that they will get the best from AV universal as AV universal got the best in industry with latest technology equipment, well informed and well trained man power and the most important thing is this all is going to be in their budget,so they are happy and satisfied and we are highly obliged that they are continuously showing their trust on us and giving us an opportunity to serve them. With our <a href="http://avuniversal.com/">Dc Audio Visual Equipment Rental</a>, one will get all the benefits of latest equipped devices like speakers, microphones, amplifiers, projectors, screens, USB adapters, conferencing devices like push to talk, poly com phone etc., all this will make sense when installed in right direction with right decision means if someone wants to arrange a party or wedding or suppose any meeting, then he or she should know what all equipment he or she needs, also should be aware of quality, and suppose the person doesn’t aware of then will face difficulty because number of products are available in the market with variety in quality as well which can directly affect the quality of your event and that can cause harm to your business, job or personal life, because when you are going to collect memories but you find it after some time destroyed or not as clear as you wanted then you will be disappointed. So with cutting edge technology of Av rental dc, you find The Shure’s Conference ONE i Discussion System which is extremely easy to install and use. It was developed to use at conferences, meetings, platform discussions and other comparable small- to medium-sized applications. Conference ONE i integrates Shure’s automatic mixing technology protectedby Intelli Mixand industry-standard Microflex gooseneck microphones with all what is needed in a system – mixer, amp and high-quality loudspeaker. On the other hand, other <a href="http://avuniversal.com/conferencing-equipment">Conference Equipment Rentals</a> Tells ONE presents superb digital telephone hybrid performance for broadcast, teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid functions, gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain. The use of intelligent software, rather than complex hardware, makes the Telos ONE very affordable while ensuring consistently superior performance regardless of telephone line specifications. Fast, precise automatic digital nulling allows smooth, natural, simultaneous conversation without the usual speakerphone up-cutting effect, in comparison of other hybrid-type interface devices. And now Polycom Sound Stationdelivers remarkable voice quality and natural, free flowing conversations to make your voice conference calls more productive and enjoyable. Unlike a desk set speakerphone, a true conference phone such as the Sound Station is designed for group communications, which is critical in today’s global business environment and the technology used, is Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity technology. Rental policy as 50% amount needs to be submitted in advance to preserve the equipment and 50% post you pick up the equipment or any time before event,rest terms and conditions are available to read on the website and you can reach us directly via phone or email.

AV Universal

Washington, DC,
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